Piano brands

Our collection consists exclusively of renowned brands that have proven themselves in terms of quality and reliability over many years.

Brands such as Yamaha, Kawai, Seiler, Petrof, August Förster, Schimmel, C. Bechstein, Rösler, Kemble, Hupfeld, and Rönisch are equally popular by our clients as ourselves thanks to their impeccable reputation.

Some other brands also make beautiful instruments that we are proud to endorse. An important criterion here is whether an instrument will sound better over time or not. In that respect, not all brands are the same, but you can be sure that we do not deal with lesser-quality brands.

You get what you pay for

There’s no such thing as a cheap alternative. Buying cheap often becomes expensive. The instrument does not stay in tune and will have to be tuned much more often, of the sound quality deteriorates after a few years. Even good maintenance will not save what cannot be saved.

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Kawai pianos

With good instruments, you will see that even after several decades these problems will not arise and that the instrument will maintain its sound quality and even deepen with age. In this regard, we have had very good experiences with KAWAI pianos, known for their rich and warm tone quality. Over time, this tone quality will actually improve after considerable playing.

In this case, the saying, “Musicians choose Kawai”, speaks volumes. The Japanese KAWAI brand has the second-largest piano factory in the world and maintains this position without any noticeable advertising. This approach is very cost effective and is reflected in the excellent quality:price ratio of these highly sought-after musical instruments. For this reason, we have decided to become the dealer for Kawai pianos in Amsterdam and surrounds.

Musicians choose KAWAI

Musicians choose KAWAI

The Kawai K3 piano a formidable competitor to the Yamaha U1 but at a suggested retail price of only € 5.687,-. For this reason, the trade press proclaimed the Kawai K3 piano of the year in 2008 and 2009! 2014 saw the release of the Kawai K300, complete with several innovations, making this top instrument a first choice once again. And with a retail price of € 5.687,- it is once again unbeatable for its class. Both the Yamaha U1 and the Kawai K300 are the leaders of their class and with equal technical quality it is a choice between one sound ideal and another. You can both play and compare them in our shop.

These Kawai instruments impress with their warm European rather than Asian sound while on display. Kawai has accomplished this by focusing exclusively on pianos and has been doing this for more than 80 years. Everything about these and all other Kawai pianos, grand pianos and digital pianos can be found on www.kawai.nl.

We tune and adjust each instrument optimally and therefore make sure it is in top condition. This means you are guaranteed many years of pleasure from your piano.