Used Pianos

Our market for pianos…

We lease new and used pianos. But as an added extra we also offer a wide range of used pianos.

These are instruments that have been leased several times and in many cases have hardly been used. However, after a few years, we sell them at market-related prices while they are still in a reasonable to sound condition. They come with a warranty of two to five years, impeccable service and aftercare, so you won’t be left with nasty surprises after acquiring the piano.

These pianos comprise a selection of high-gloss black, walnut, mahogany or teak-coloured instruments at greatly discounted prices, as we have to make room for much needed new models. In this way, you get the benefit of a discounted price without compromising on quality.

  • The discount amounts to between 20 and 40% of the normal retail value.

  • Transport to a ground floor is free. Transport to top floors are negotiable.

  • Service tuning at home is free.

Especially for acoustic pianos in high-gloss black the supply is greater than we indicate. This relates to used pianos in mint condition, with prices between € 2.500,- and € 4.000,- while the prices for brand new models are far higher. A piano that has been used for a few years often sounds better than a brand new one because its sound develops over time.

Hot deals

We regularly receive digital pianos back from the first rental. These pianos are then offered at highly discounted prices under the full two-year warranty of a new digital piano. We can offer this guarantee because we only deal with durable piano brands. For the latest offers, phone +31 20 – 671 3678. Or you can just send us an email.

Please feel free to contact us!